M. Verónica Arís Zlatar
General aspects to consider[1]
1.      What is quid factis et quid juris in each one.
2.      The presumptive transcendental field of Kant and the husserlian noetic turn in view of the principle of every principle.
3.      Formal field in Kant and the eidetic field in Husserl.
4.      Transcendental esthetic in Kant and the phenomenological realm of appearing by its evidence.
5.      A priori concepts in Kant and the a priori correlation in Husserl.
6.      The access to the transcendental field in Kant is by analysis and deduction of concepts (pure or not) and in Husserl is by phenomenological reflection whose first step is epoché. After epoché Husserl indicates three possible paths: the logical, the psychological and the Cartesian one.
7.      The regulative function of concepts for the whole of knowledge in Kant and the inter-monadic and historical discovering of ideas in Husserl.
8.      The limited structure for knowledge of Kant following Euclidean and Newtonian paradigms of empirical objectivity (in its presumptive principles) and the constrictive pure Logic of transversal deductive function of the theory of multiplicity theory possible in Husserl (in 1901) and its historical complexity, and on the other hand the constrictive function of phenomenology for the authenticity of knowledge possible -including the contemporary scientific achievements- and sense world possible.
9.      Kant did not inquire immanent objects neither the living experience itself. Perhaps, there is in Kant something like that in the subjective deduction of the categories in the first edition of KrV, but he did not take the problem of the subjectivity of the living experience. And as we know, this is the proper realm of phenomenology.

 M. Verónica Arís Zlatar

[1] Some aspects considered here are taken from the classes of Roberto Walton in a study group that we conformed with some friends in UBA, Buenos Aires, 2006-2008. Organizing my studies here, I cannot resist the enormous greeting feeling for his philosophical generosity.


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